How can I order?

To order a cake or cupcakes: DM us on Instagram, Facebook, or send a WhatsApp message.

To order a wedding cake taster box: shop our online selection.

To book a wedding cake: fill this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you deliver?

For now only wedding cakes (free) and some tiered cakes (extra charge).

What are your pick-up times?

Friday 6pm – 8pm and Saturday 1pm – 3pm

There are very limited times for pickup outside the above times and we most often do not take weekday orders.

Are your cakes egg-, gluten-, dairy- free?

No. All cakes contain eggs, gluten, and dairy products.

I have an image of a cake I want, can you make it?

While we love images for inspiration, we can NEVER copy it exactly. Instead we can use the same themes, colours and elements.

What is included with my cake?

When you pay for a custom Cakeology YYC cake, you will receive a fully designed cake, a cake topper and a size-matched box to store and carry your cake, We DO NOT decorate pre-made cakes nor sell plain cakes (no design elements). All non-wedding cakes MUST be picked up (exceptions apply).


Where are you located?

NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada, by the University of Calgary.

Are you licensed?

We are an Alberta licensed business operating as a low-risk food vendor.